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The kapha-dominant yogi tends to be calm, sentimental, low-energy, and slow-moving. Try these kapha-inspired gift ideas to perk them up.

Our Karma polarized sunglasses were inspired by the forces that keep us within the good graces of the universe. No one wants bad Karma, and these shades will provide you with the karmic goodness you need to ascend samsara (the cycle of life and death on Earth) and into the heavens. Its classic round shape is timeless, and has been worn by icons both past and present. It comes in 4 electric hues:

Sacred Crystal

Indian Summer



Shop the Karma sunnies here. Try them on virtually by downloading our iPhone app - search 'Dharma Eyewear' in the App Store - or try them on using your computer by clicking the virtual try-on button on the right hand-side of the product page.

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Peace & love!