Back to Black with Refinery29

You guys! Thanks to all your support and interest, we landed a pair on Refinery29's best-seller list. It was the Obsidian Black color of Bombay, and we'd like to share a bit of what that means to us. Bombay the hometown of our founder Dhruv, and its aura of international commerce and cosmopolitan wonderment was what initially inspired him to curate a piece of every country into every single pair we create. The kohl-bold outline on classic aviator frames typifies our drive to put timeless styles in dialogue with the twenty-first century consumer. And, as always, our products were sourced from sustainable raw materials and assembled under ethical working conditions. These same traces can be found in everything we craft, from the limited edition Simma pair to the sharp new Light Collection, so, if you liked Bombay, keep the shopping barrage coming!