Why You Must Protect Your Eyes...

Why You Must Protect Your Eyes...

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Even though many a winter's day can be full of dull, gray moments, continuing to wear sunglasses during snow season boasts several advantages on top of finishing off any look. And with the season's first major snowstorm set to hit the east coast, did you know that wintertime can bring danger to eyes? First from the sun itself, and then from the snow reflecting a second dose of UV into your eyes. Making winter an important season to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.
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As you probably know, sunglasses effectively reduce glare, and are key to helping reduce reflections from snow that could easily impair your vision. And as all of our sun lenses are polarized, you'll be instantly shielded from pesky reflections while providing protection to the delicate skin around your eyes and helping to prevent wrinkles.

Sunglasses also protect your eyes from the season's windy currents and block dust and debris as they also help to reduce the loss of natural moisture to help keep your eyes comfortable, even while wearing contacts. And best of all, wearing sunglasses can even improve your vision as they safe guard your eyes from too much light by reducing visual acuity. Which in all, makes a strong case for wearing high quality sunglasses year-round. And with over 30 classic yet distinctive options from Dharma Co, you'll be able to switch up your look from season to season.