What To Do On A Snow Day

What To Do On A Snow Day

Snow Day Ideas
While snowstorm Jonas has left much of the northeast at a standstill, we've compiled a helpful list of activities to make the best of your time while indoors this weekend.
Nina Simone
Catch Up On Great Films: Sure, Netflix marathon's come to mind immediately, but what to watch? The past year saw great cinematic fetes from the Nina Simone documentary What Happened Miss Simone?, to Amy, a breathtaking documentary about Amy Winehouse, and The Wolfpack, a riveting look at the strength dreams, curiosity and imagination can provide even in the darkest of times.
Closet Cleaning Ideas
Organize & Declutter: Now is a better time than ever to organize & declutter your home from room to room and see what works and what doesn't. Consider it this way, if you haven't used say a dish or worn a sweater in ages, there's most likely someone out there in need who would benefit from your kind donation. Plus, it'll give you ample room to organize for a fresh start. And while you're at it, it may just inspire you to do some lite redecorating...
Dharma Co. Pinterest
Find Inspiration With On Pinterest: From inspiring icons in eyewear to style inspiration and genius design that catches our eye, you're certain to discover captivating finds with us on Pinterest.
Catch Up On That Book You Put Down
Catch Up On That Book You Put Down: We've all been guilty now & then of beginning a book only to never come back to it. Well, now makes for a great time to pickup that book you once started as there's comfort to be had in a good read.
Write A Letter
Correspond: One can blame the lost art of letter writing on electronic devices all they want to, but there's almost something therapeutic about picking up a pen & card and sending handwritten correspondence to those near & dear. Go ahead, tell them about all of the fun you're having today!
Dharma Co Eyewear Stylist
Try Out Our Virtual App & Eyewear Guru Services: Treat yourself to a new pair of hand crafted frames from yours truly and explore our virtual try on app and Eyewear Guru service to help you find the right pair from the comfort of your home. And if you must go out, consider the added benefits of wearing eyewear during snowstorms.