Go For Unexpected Color This Spring

So, Spring is finally here (technically, anyway)...
Though it's still a bit cold (it's snowing in NYC as I write this), soon enough you'll be shedding your winter garb, making it time to prep for Spring. As temperatures rise soon enough, consider punctuating your look with bold, statement making hues. When I was designing this collection, I chose bold hues to elevate classic shapes. Some of them, I instantly knew people would love, like Nirvana "Summer", pictured below.
Without a doubt, it's destined to become a go-to shade (and style), for many a type of client. 
And while they retain a quiet chic, I went for bold with the Tara "Stardust" below.
Sure, it's rich royal hue adds a daring sense of edge. It's electric. The curved temples also add a flirtatious sense of play. Call it a quick route to instant glamour.
Anyway, I hope you all like them, and that you'll look good in them. We all need some color.
Love & Peace,
Dhruv Jagasia
Founder & Designer
Dharma Eyewear Company