Eyewear as Style-Wear

Eyewear as Style-Wear

The overwhelmingly embarrassing eyeglasses that we once dreaded wearing outside the comfort of our home are no longer a burden. What was once considered an arbitrary symbol of teenage-hood (somewhat like braces), are now a fashion statement worn by celebrities and trend setters to punctuate any look. Feeling casually lazy on a Sunday afternoon with a white tee and baggy jeans? Throw on a pair of glasses to complete that messy-but-still-cute look. Feeling city chic on a Monday morning in a fit blazer and stiletto pumps? Top it off with some specs to look sophisticated and sleek. It's all about the look (ironic, huh?) and accessories complete it. And it's not just eyeglasses, it's sunglasses, too. Even if there is barely a hint of sunshine peering through the clouds, sunglasses make you look instantly cool nonetheless. So the next time you plan out your "OOTD," think of eyewear as a finishing touch. 

A few examples to take note of, below:
 Blogger Julie Sarinana of Sincerely, Jules                                

Joseph Gordon Levitt(right)

Lupita Nyong'o(above)                                                     

        Blogger Aimee Song of Song of Style