Explorations: Colombia

Between a thought-provoking artist initiative to exploring the vividly colorful streets of Colombia, we caught up with the self-proclaimed nomad behind Nomadic Habit - Marianna Jamadi.
We'll be following the photographer along her journeys through South America for the next couple months. First stop: Colombia. Read on to learn about her favorite Colombian foods, what she's learned on her journey so far and see her breathtaking imagery. Warning: her photos will have you planning a trip to Colombia soon.
How did you plan for your two-month adventure?
I was headed to Colombia to work on a personal project for which I was awarded a VSCO Artist Initiative grant. I invited my friend and travel writer Michaela Trimble to join me in Colombia and the trip quickly spilled into other countries and the trip went from two weeks to two months. We decided to work together on other projects that would have us in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. While she lives in NYC and I live in LA, we both landed in Cartagena on Feb 29th and kicked off the trip by celebrating our shared birthday (March 2nd) a few days after our arrival.
What have been your favorite foods along the journey?
I could eat ceviche and tostones for every meal with a glass of fresh tamarind juice.
You said "Some people think traveling means you are always on the move, but sometimes it has a way of slowing you down." How has travel slowed you down?
I think when we are in our day to day, we forget how to feel time, especially in the United States. We are always so go go go and when you travel to other cultures that appreciate time, or when you see people playing cards in the window, it makes you question what quality of life means to you.
Tell us about the artist initiatives that were part of your project, such as the dance program and the history of colonialism exhibit?
I think a major realization within my project is that art can be a point of healing for deep societal wounds. More on the project can be found here.

What were the highlights of your journey?
I really loved watching the dance company I did my project on perform at the International Film Festival in Cartagena. I spent two weeks with them as they rehearsed and I got to see the final project and see all their hard work pay off.
How has this journey expanded your vision?
[It has shown me] that feeling time is important. Taking time to get to know a place and a culture is important and rewarding. That if you embrace people, they will embrace you. That art is so powerful and that expression is vital.