Superheroes in Glasses

Superheroes in Glasses

I always wondered how superheroes discretely roamed the streets amongst us without being recognized. Their every heroic gesture is deliberately captured and documented, plastered on every TV screen and newspaper for the world to admire in awe, yet we are oblivious to their distinct faces when they aren't displaying their caped costumes. But how is this so? Let us take a look:

From top left: Clark Kent (Superman), Scott Summers (Cyclops), Peter Parker (Spiderman), Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

If you're seeing what I'm seeing then I think we can agree that it's the glasses. I mean, when half your face is taken up by shapely frames, it's kind of difficult to make out anyone. Either that, or their superpowers greatly compromise their sight. Whatever the case may be, these bespectacled alter egos find assurance in looking like your average citizen. 

So the next time you see someone in glasses, he or she may be the hero we deserve and need.