Reflections: Connecting with Nature

Reflections: Connecting with Nature


We live in a world where all space is shared. The light we see, the air we breathe, the sound we hear, the ground we walk, the wind we feel on our cheeks — it’s not only ours. From a generation to generation, we share things between each other.


We were born from the earth - human beings, animals, trees, plants, flowers. The earth is our home and it heals us. It gives us everything we need. However, our gorgeous planet needs help and protection. And we are the only one who can save it by making small impacts each passing day. They’re small changes, but often it’s the small ones that have the greatest impacts.


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Being constantly interacted by the noise of a city, that is coming at me from every angle, I always feel a need to get out of there and get into the wild nature. For people like me, who work from 9 a.m to 5 p.m in the concrete jungles, surrounded by the technology and stress, to get into the nature becomes a big privilege. But, if we step kindly and gently, it will let us in on all of her secrets, it will make us feel like home in what mother earth has created herself; the forests, the mountains, the volcanos, the oceans, the rivers.


Believe me, connecting with nature is certainly possible, even in the least natural of environments. You don't have to travel far-away destinations to do so.


Here are some ideas of how to find a joy of living simply and naturally without making big effort :


Rise with the sun  ♥  Light earthy incense and floral scent candles  ♥  Fill your space with many plants as if you were living in a greenhouse  ♥  Breath in the fresh clean oxygen created by those little greens and breath our your good clear energy  ♥  Grow your own herbs on a terrace or balcony  ♥  Do the things that stir up the butterflies  ♥  Go for a walk  ♥  Create  ♥   Learn new things everyday  ♥   Educate yourself  ♥  Laugh  ♥  Walk on the sunny side of the street  ♥  Observe seasonal changes  ♥  Look up  ♥  Let the sun rays shine on your face  ♥  Dance as if everyone was watching you  ♥  De-stress in a beautiful surrounding  ♥  Get connected with the raw form of nature  ♥  Meditate  ♥  Be peaceful and quiet  ♥  Allow yourself to be in awe of nature’s creations  ♥  Be grateful  ♥  Ground yourself  ♥  Walk barefoot on the grass and sand  ♥  Feel your feet held by the earth with every step you take  ♥  Open your mind  ♥  Explore  ♥  Get lost with no fear, be curios like a kid that still lives in all of us  ♥  Find the magic that does exists  ♥  Be gentle with yourself  ♥  Follow the sustainable and natural way of living  ♥  Eat organic and local fresh products to lower a negative impact on the environment  ♥  Spread love all around the world  ♥  Stand in total stillness  ♥  Scan yourself  ♥  

  ♥  Just be  ♥  


I hope that this post will inspire you to make mother earth a healthier and happier place to be.


Kiki Kolenbet