Tahaanga's Holiday 2014 Gift Guide

Tahaanga's Holiday 2014 Gift Guide

TAHAANGA recently featured Dharma glasses in their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, complete with affordable goodies to get for men. With everything from tech-savy accessories to stylish apparel, these finds will surely be a hit for whoever you plan on gifting them to. 

Recently launched, TAHAANGA is a New York based Men's apparel company on the forefront of wearable technology. The company is driven by technology, function and design. They have incorporated  technologically advanced fabrics, with an unsurpassed soft & smooth touch, and utilizing them for a high quality, Italian dress shirt.  All the while using a sustainable manufacturing process.


The performance properties/functions of TAHAANGA shirts boast the following:

1. Moisture-control technology

2. Breathable fabrication

3. Quick-drying

4. Wrinkle-resistant

5. Anti-bacterial/ Odor-resistant

6. The performance properties never fade


A gift that is both fashionable and functional. Just what men like...