What's Your Dharma?

What's Your Dharma?

We couldn't be more excited to announce that we are launching a new campaign - #WhatsYourDharma. 


The What’s Your Dharma? campaign showcases our followers, fans and social maven's style and a commitment to their individual dharma through their personal favorites and choice pairs of Dharma eyewear.




As you know, or should know (wink, wink) Dharma stands for responsibility. In the case of Dharma Eyewear our responsibility begins and ends with our consumers and supporters. Dharma presses in on social responsibility in various written and visual contexts. What is your responsibility to the world around you? To your industry? To your loved ones? Dharma Eyewear Co. believes that the power of good will lies in each lens, in each hinge, in each temple and every individual’s vision of personal genius.


The goal here is to allow you to join forces with us to read, explore and engage with some of our most-loved and loyal friends. Friends, no less, that have influence within their industry and feel a notable connection to what we strive to push to the forefront of what Dharma evokes. A feeling of something exceptional, something beyond yourself for the sake of others, giving back through actions, reactions, deeds and impact. 


With no further a due, here is the real clue to what this campaign is all about... Oh yes and the perks that you can gain by following and engaging with us and our fresh faced fashion friends. Over the course of the month of March we will be highlighting fashion influencers, giving you access to hear what they believe their Dharma is and also giving away a special pair of Dharma sunglasses to one lucky winner for each influencer spotlighted (that is 4 pairs up for grabs, woohoo!). 




Make sure you're following us on Instagram to see our noteworthy fashionista's show off their Dharma and enter a chance to win a free pair of Dharma shades. 


#WhatsYourDharma GIVEAWAY 


1) Keep your eyes peeled for when we announce a Dharma influencer and check out their page for when they post a picture rocking their Dharma's. 


2) Make sure you're following @DharmaCo and following the highlighted influencer. 


3) Comment on the influencer's picture with the hashtag #WhatsYourDharma and tell us what you feel your responsibility is, then tag two of your friends! 


BOOM that's it, you're entered to win! The winners of each giveaway will be announced on Saturday March 14th, 21st and 28th.


Have fun, get involved and thank you for your continued support. May all your Dharma be recognized and also get you a free pair of chic, socially conscious sunnies. 

Peace, Love & Dharma 

PPS. CALLING ALL INFLUENCERS! Want to get involved in our #WhatsYourDharma Campaign for a feature on our blog. Email us at support@dharmaco.com