What's Your Dharma? Daniel Watson tells us.

What's Your Dharma? Daniel Watson tells us.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Daniel Watson, the Editor and Chief of LIVID Magazine, to chat responsibility, inspiration and media guru goodness.



Long time friend's & supporter's of Dharma Co, LIVID recently featured us in an epic editorial. Complimented by and coupled with editorial's certain to make the fashion obsessed want to dive into it's pages and live the dream, the publication also boasts savvy takes on modern life. 


LIVID actively promotes emerging labels which it's editors seamlessly mix with heritage labels and the ilk. The designers they highlight posses substance, and a curated aesthetic along with cultural and socially responsible backgrounds. LIVID Magazine is a place to explore the new and move away from the passé. 


Through the eye's of this up and coming Editor, check out Daniel's insight on responsibility, inspiration and his take on our range of eyewear. 




Dharma: What is your Dharma? 

Daniel: We are dedicated to promoting empowerment and enrichment of cultural identity and diversity.


Dharma: What is your favorite quote?

Daniel: "Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about people"    - Eleanor Roosevelt


Dharma: Do you feel called to support brands and products that help the less fortunate?

Daniel: Yes, of course! I believe we have to figure out ways to support our communities whether by large or small contributions.


Dharma: What is your favorite thing about eyewear as an accessory or necessity (sunglasses or optical)?

Daniel: My glasses are almost an extension of my body as it portrays my personality. And of course they complete an outfit. 


Dharma: Out of the Dharma Co. collection, which pair do you covet most?

Daniel: Nirvana, Hands down. As you can see I am sporting the glasses now. I love the fact that the frame color is close to my skin tone and the frames compliment the shape of my face. I actually wear them daily in comparison to the other frames that I own. And I cannot tell you... So many people have stopped me to ask where I bought them from. Of course shouting out Dharma Co. has become a part of my regular routine. 


Need more... Don't worry we've got you covered, check out @LIVIDMagazine on instagram for style inspiration to boot, as well as editorial features from their most recent issues. And for more visit your local Barnes & Noble bookstore or SUBSCRIBE HERE for access to their digital issues. 

Peace, Love & Dharma - Your Eyewear Gurus