What's Your Dharma? Emily & Abigail tell us.

We admire influencers that are constantly reinventing the wheel to showcase emerging brands. One duo we fancy are the ladies of The Wanderlust Girls  - a fashion & style blog. 


WHY WE LOVE The Wanderlust Girls

These fabulous females are true to their personal style, combining vintage, heritage luxury brands and emerging designer pieces. They go against the grain by not just sartorial prowess, but by giving their followers a genuine voice with posts that are true to what they embody as a team.


We find it refreshing to feel the authenticity with glimpses into their lives from styling gigs and jet-setting adventures. We find inspiration living vicariously through their eclectic lens of social media posts and blog articles. 


And so we invite you to join us as we wandered and lusted with them for a little 1-on-1 chat. 


Dharma: What is your Dharma? 

Wanderlust Girls: Our Dharma to our readers is to stay real. Too many Fashion Bloggers have such a fake facade. We can't stand being phony. We keep fashion light hearded and friendly.


Dharma: What is your favorite quote? 

Wanderlust Girls: "Nonsense and beauty have close connections." - E. M. Forster


 Dharma: Do you feel called to support brands and products that help the less fortunate?

Wanderlust Girls: Shopping is a luxury. When we find a product that we love, and realize it has a social cause, we're overwhelmed with excitement. This Winter we got two Angela Roi bags, and literally haven't stopped promoting them since. 


Dharma: Out of the Dharma collection which pair do you covet most?

Wanderlust Girls: Raja (Sun) in Onyx - These classic black frames have a retro feel that pairs with any outfit. Vintage meets modern.


Need some more wanderlust magic? Check out The Wanderlust Girls and follow them on IG @wanderlustgirls to keep up with their fashion and travel thrill seeking. 

Peace, Love & Dharma - Your Eyewear Gurus