What's Your Dharma? Billie Carroll tells us.

What's Your Dharma? Billie Carroll tells us.



A true beach babe and sunshine connoisseur, Carroll, the beauty & brains behind fashion lifestyle blog 25 North sat down with us to talk #WhatsYourDharma and hopefully bring some of her sunny vibes back to our cold city.


As we are suckers for tropical climates and love vicariously living through beach-a-grams, Carroll's images aren't the only reason we admire the Bahama-New York City transplant.


Her eclectic style combination of beach and city chic is well curated, colorful with touches of neutrals and hints of our metropolitan staple hue - black.  


Billie illustrates these two spectrums through the looking glass of sandy shorelines and city street lights. For us it's the unexpected coupling of two extremes; a metro-paradise of fashion and accessories. 


Check out what Billie had to say about her responsibility and why eyewear for her is of uber importance.   


Dharma: What is your Dharma, "responsibility or duty?"


Billie: I feel that my responsibility to the world, to my followers and myself is to be honest. Integrity is everything and for me that starts with honesty. 


Dharma: Favorite Quote?


Billie: My favorite quote at this moment in my life: "I'm not sure what I'll do, but - well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale." - F. Scott Fitzgerald


Dharma: What is your most favorite thing about eyewear as an accessory or necessity (sunglass and/or glasses)?


Billie: What I love most about eyewear as an accessory is that I don't have to wear make up and still look pulled together. Not to mention I grew up in the Bahamas where shades aren't just a necessity they are a big part of your individual fashion statement. 


Dharma: What pair of Dharma sunnies do you covet most?


Billie: Definitely the RAJA, I love the two-tone split frames as they give you tons of options to play around with styling wise. Plus with my split style personality they are the perfect sunshine accessory.


Find out why Billie Carroll caught our eye with style inspiration and city-beach haven adventures on her blog 25 North and follow her on Instagram @BillieCarroll.  

Peace, Love & Dharma - Your Eyewear Gurus