June Vision Board

Shadé Akanbi is Dharma Co.'s newest ambassador as well as the designer and artist behind Printed Pattern People. In our latest blog series, Vision Board, Shadé shares her monthly inspirations through the Dharma Co. lens. This month's Vision Board features a look into the cultural exploration of her travels. You can follow Shadé on Instagram to see her journeys through color and pattern. From the woman and artist herself, on her perspective:

"I consider this vision board a first look into my aesthetic as a designer and an artist. I am inspired by textiles, color, culture and traveling. My style is a natural mix of all these elements combined and I never try to force anything. One of the most important skills that I am continuously learning is the art of editing. With my print-on-print style, I usually say "more is more", but I have found that knowing when there's just enough is the key to producing an organic product with the most impact, regardless of what I'm working on (a pattern design, a Printed Pattern People clothing/accessory sample, or even something as simple as my outfit of the day).

Last year I traveled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Guatemala, Belize and Morocco, and I used pieces that reminded me of all those places to make this collage. I used a photo from the PPP Summer '16 look book featuring the Kamala sunnies and embedded a shimmering reflection into the lenses as a nod to a bright and beautiful future that lies ahead if we keep our head held high and our eyes on the prize."