What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

The word dharma often refers to duty or responsibility. We felt so strongly about the definition of the word, we not only incorporated it into our name, but we took it to heart in how we run our business.

Our duty to be a conscious business is what Dharma is built on. Not only do we have a responsibility to improve our customers’ vision, but with our resources, we feel a responsibility to aid the vision of the less fortunate, too. That’s why we partner with nonprofit changemakers Optometry Giving Sight, giving a percentage of profits to those in need.


We didn’t stop there. The team who puts in so much to ensure Dharma exists need to be taken care of too. An often overlooked aspect of ethical business practice is that of the working conditions for factory employees. We see it as our responsibility to ensure all those committed to our brand are compensated with benevolent standards through partnering with third party auditors who monitor the factories, vouching for the conditions as matching that of the USA.

In our factories, we implement strict policies:

  • No child laborers, ever
  • Ample leisure time
  • Paid overtime
  • Always safe and healthy conditions

We take this responsibility seriously, and you should too. Knowing how the products you buy are produced is important for us all to create a sustainable future. Your purchases are votes for which companies succeed. We wanted to let you know so you can have no qualms about the glasses you wear from Dharma. Thanks for voting for what’s right!