Explorations: Mexico

Explorations: Mexico

Last we saw her, Marianna Jamadi was taking it back to the basics in Peru and Nicaragua where she gave us a taste of the simple life. This time around, the Nomadic Habit blogger is in Mexico City, showing us the flavor and charm of Mexico's bright and lively culture.

What was the most beautiful place (or thing) you saw in Mexico?

I thought the Bellas de Artes building in Mexico City was beautiful. Want a tip? Best view is actually from a coffee shop in Sears across the street.

I was really blown away by the flavors of Mexico. Some of the most mind blowing food I have ever tasted. So complex and yet also so simple.

Describe a moment on your trip that made you feel lucky to be alive.

Just being able to feel the energy and be part of the diversity of Mexico City was great. From food, to design, to art, to local flavor, it was a great mix of a cosmopolitan city.

Favorite local eatery?

The Jersey at Mercado San Juan

Favorite tequila drink?

I officially am now more of a Mezcal gal than a Tequila one! My favorite? La Union.

What was the most difficult thing you did during your trip?

Eat all kinds of bugs at a local market.

Was there anything about the country that surprised you on your journey?

I was overall impress with the incredible design in Mexico City. I found inspiration everywhere.

Who is the most interesting person that you met while traveling? (And not the Dos Equis guy.)

Mica Rousseau, the top mixologist in Mexico served up some fancy drinks at the Four Seasons in Mexico City for us. The Bugs Bunny in highly recommended.

In a country largely commercialized by resorts and college students, what was your favorite "untouched," undiscovered spot?

I loved the neighborhood Colonia Roma. Wonderful shops and restaurants everywhere.

Describe Mexico in three words.

Spicy. Delicious. Lively.

My trip to Mexico taught me...

To try anything once. Even if it's eating grasshoppers or bugs.

How has this journey expanded your vision?

When I went to Mexico City and Cabo San Lucas I realized this is a big country with a lot to see. Just two cities is not enough to feel the entire soul of Mexico. If anything, I must keep expanding.

Favorite Dharma Co. frames along the journey?

Karma in Sacred Crystal + Ethereal in Sacred Crystal.

Let's talk about stuff.

Glad you packed: Swimsuit for Cabo San Lucas!

Wish you'd packed: A bigger bag so I could bring back more!

Didn't need: My sun dresses

Brought back: Mezcal - La Union