Frame Donation

Frame Donation

Keep your frames out of the landfill and put them on a face who needs them.

Studies show that 75% of Americans need prescription eyeglasses. That’s over 177 million people, 177 million frames. This doesn’t include the portion of the population wearing eyewear for fashion, or sunglasses for protection. Hundreds of millions of frames per year are produced and sold in the United States alone. They’re made with a variety of plastics and metals that harm our beloved Earth; yet, vision correction and eye protection are a necessity of life. How can you recycle responsibly?

At Dharma, we encourage you to participate in our up-cycling program and send your old frames back to us. You’ll receive 20% off of your next order, and we’ll donate the used frames to our charity partners. Most recently, we donated 10,000 frames VOSH international, a global non-profit that seeks to bring vision to every person on the planet. They took our donated frames to Nepal, whose people and infrastructure have been devastated by an earthquake. They set up vision centers where locals could get tested for eye disease and refractive error, and they provided them with glasses so that they could begin to resume their normal lives.


Receive a shipping label and discount code

Add "Donate My Frames" to your cart (it's free), and check out. Then, we'll e-mail you a return label and coupon code.


Send us your frames

Package your frames, protecting them from damage, and send them to us in a small box or envelope using the return label we e-mailed you.


Your old frames help people in need

If your frames are in good condition, we'll include them in a shipment to one of our partnered charities as a bulk donation. They'll be able to efficiently process and route them to people who need vision care.